Individual Barbier-membership

With our Barbier-membership you can visit our barbershop carefree for the duration of one year, making you look good anytime of the year. The membership-costs can be paid for in one go or divided over different periods. You have the value of the membership-costs as balance. At every visit, whatever you have asked us for will be subtracted from your balance. This can get you discounts up to 30%.

Should you have the combination of a Barbier-membership and a product-membership, you’ll have the ultimate mix to present yourself.

Family/group Barbier-membership

Same applies here as with the individual Barbier-membership. The only difference is that multiple people use a single balance. If you are with two people, then your balance will be twice as big. With this, every single person can visit the barbershop at his own visit-frequency. Also, you’ll get a discount on the the membership-costs. You can choose to pay for 11 months and visit the barbershop for the duration of 12 months or you can pay for 12 months and visit the barbershop for the duration of 13 months.