De Barbier Discount

We have created some attractive discounts for our clients. These give our regular customers the reward they deserve. We also have an attractive offer for new customers. When a new customer is introduced via a regular customer, the regular customer will be promoted to ‘Ambassador’ – which also provides an attractive benefit.


With our Haircut Subscription you may visit de Barbier carefree throughout the year, so you always look well-groomed. The subscription price may be paid once in advance, or in installments. The bundle value consists of the subscription price plus any top-up (depending on the subscription you have). With every visit to de Barbier, the costs for the work done will be deducted from your bundle. This can lead to a discount of up to €125!


This is similar to the Individual Haircut Subscription. The difference is that more than one person can use the same subscription. For two people, the haircut bundle is twice as big. This allows people to visit at their own frequency. Plus, there is a discount on the subscription price – 13 months for the price of 12!


Our ‘Strip-card’ is valid for a number of haircuts. It gives a good discount, as we double the value of the card’s purchase price – by discounting each haircut. More than one person may use the same card, which is valid for two years.


‘Strip-card’ 11 haircuts (list price)

€ 20,00
€40,00 discount

Haircut Subscription eXtraSmall

€ 150,00
€25,00 discount

Haircut Subscription Small

€ 200,00
€50,00 discount

Haircut Subscription Medium

€ 250,00
€75,00 discount

Haircut Subscription Large

€ 300,00
€100,00 discount

Haircut Subscription eXtraLarge

€ 350,00
€125,00 discount